The Fritz Report

Christian War

The worthlessness of compromise. The necessity of Christian nation-states.  The requirement to burn down the idols (sexist, racist, Islamophobic, queerphobic, etc).  The God-required necessity of learning warfare.  The non-optionality of our current conflict.  Marxist revolutions as theft on a national scale and the murder of Christians.  The future is here and there is no exit -- you will either surrender or fight.  No third way.

Anti-Semitism and Parallel Religious Systems

The person who walks into a debate accepting the presuppositions of their opponent has already lost the debate.  The Left LOVES IT when someone argues with them "whether or not" something is "racist."  Why? Because the Left has already won the argument just by the fact that you accept their presuppositions.

The term "racist" is a pejorative -- it is not descriptive.
It is purposely kept undefined so you can't wrestle with it intellectually.

Christians always lose because they try to argue on the traditions of men.

The University is a parallel religious system.

We have already experienced the great "falling away" and the worship of 666.

BONUS: A segment on Anti-Semitism -- the Jews own category of sin that never applies to themselves.

Fritz Berggren PhD
5 July 2020

Independence Day — Reconstituting Governments

  • BLM-Anti-Fa running the streets with support of Government.
  • What constitutes "legitimate" government?
  • Purpose of Government.
  • The most ancient government -- a man alone, then a man with family, then his kin.
  • Impossibility of limited government without strong Christian worldview and tribes.
  • The calling -- we can do this with our King and Champion, Jesus Christ.

Attack on Rural Areas and Calling Whites Back to Their God

  • How the Left will destroy rural areas.
  • Why the "war" has already been lost.
  • What it will take to go on the offensive and take our land back.
  • European Christians.
  • Who are we? A tool is not your primary weapon -- it is your identity.
  • You are a product of generations of European Christians.
  • Your duty is to your descendants ten generations from now.
  • Judgement Day is about what you did for your bloodline.
  • Calling all White's back to the God of their forefathers.

Jesus and the Jews, Part Two

This was heartbreaking for me to produce. The Jews were those God invited to the wedding feast and they rejected Him and so he invited others in their place.  They were His chosen people.  And they rejected all He had for them. He gave the Vineyard to a different ethnic group. I talk about the "double-minority with a special needs child," and the abuse of children because of the "precepts of the elders." These new "traditions" elevate "not offending the seed of the serpent" to be the highest moral code in the Church; and so the Church has become worthless.

Jesus and the Jews

Jesus relationship with the Jews and Judaism.

"If you believed Moses, you would believe in Me." John 5:45
"You are of your father the devil." John 8:44
"He who hates Me hates my Father also." John 15:23
"But you do not believe because you are not my sheep." John 10:26
"I and the Father are One." John 10:30

The Cult We Live In

We live in a global cult.
Reverse Entropy and Life from Non-Life are the Foundations of the Big Lie.
University Professors are the Priests and Prophets of the Cult.
Their academic papers and books are their unholy scriptures.
Their footnotes are like preachers quoting the Bible.
The traditions of men and the precepts of the elders.
Those who replace the law and prophets with "traditions" are Satan's children.
Why "Christian" children go the way of the world -- a study of the Pilgrims.

Clearing our Mind for the Fight

  • CHAZ and Marxist Revolutions.
  • Marxist Rhetoric: from Capitalist to Imperialist to Nazi -- all designed to target.
  • White Christian people should never apologize -- they should be proud.
  • The importance of Europeans -- they received the vineyard from Christ.
  • Posing as "not a racist" is like a pig with a nose ring -- you've surrender to them.


This is about sustainability and non-sustainability.  The culture we have built is not sustainable.

  • The Black Panthers understand that mixing people is not sustainable and they have a sustainable answer.
  • White Police won't be arresting Blacks any more -- not by fiat, but just individual decisions.
    Corporate Culture: we walk on eggshells and we can't do that forever.
  • White folk -- our votes don't matter. Our voices don't matter. Our children don't matter. What is left?
  • White Christians -- it is time to muster. It is time to make your life matter.

Don't believe the White Man?
Listen to the Black Man: Rev. Manning.

The Church, The Truth, and the Great Opportunity Ahead

The Church and the Truth.
Comparing the political culture in the U.S. to the old Soviet Union.
The opportunity set before is truly wonderful -- it is a call to greatness.
Christians who are cowed into silence are called . . . ?
Every Christian will choose -- no more "gray man" tactics.