August 3, 2021

Time to Fight

  • Church is still asleep in their cozy friendship with the world.
  • James 4:4
  • This could be the most exciting generation to live in, but you have to wake up and join the challenge.
  • The church reminds me of the Hebrews in old Babylon - of the tens of thousands of Hebrews in captivity, the Bible shows only three willing to stand up to the king's edict. They were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  The rest quoted scriptures among themselves not doubt along the lines of "God commands us to obey the world authorities."
  • Don't miss the calling -- now is the time.
  • They key to winning is freeing your mind from the tentacles of their poisonous narrative. This is why the hate free speech and why they are doubling down on "fighting internet hate."
  • AdL IS a Hate Group: They are the quintessential example of hypocrisy -- claiming to be "anti-defamation," they traffic in defamation by inciting racial, ideological and religious hatred against those they disagree with by calling them "racists," and other hateful terms.
  • A brief history of the decline of the Enlightenment -- how atheist scholars destroyed the idea that man can "reason up" from a blank slate.
  • To control people, you control what they think. Everything else is a clean up operation. This is why the foundation of resistance is to open up one's mouth and provide an alternate narrative. They cannot allow this, and that is why they define alternative narratives as domestic terrorism. As Biden said "you are killing people" if you allow an alternative narrative regarding COVID and "vaccines" on Facebook.
  • Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Holy Scriptures provide a counter-narrative to their hatred and death.
  • Once totalitarians take power, they do not willingly cede it. If the Constitution itself is deemed "racist," they why should allow Freedom of Speech?
  • If those they oppose are "terrorists" and "racists," why would they ever allow a fair election?

John the Baptist preaches the Gospel and Jesus is baptized. 

The first eleven chapters of Genesis are the most important words of the Bible. The third chapter of Genesis is the story of the Fall of man into sin. 

July 28, 2021

Enmity and Hatred

It took me a while to get warmed up with this message: I start off with identifying the real hate groups (SPLC, etc) and reviewing the fact that we are in a Kinetic stage of the conflict.  Then I go to the heart of the issue -- a Church that has gone the way of the Jews by erecting a set of oral traditions that occludes and distorts the Holy Scriptures.  There is enmity (deep seated hatred) between the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent -- where does the Church stand?  Largely with the seed of the serpent -- we are not getting out of this mess unless this is rooted out. 

  • We are a chosen race.
  • Jesus Christ, although existing in the form of God, did not regard equality with God as a thing to be grasped.
  • Satan sought equality with God.
  • Satan seduced Eve by offering her equality with God

Only a mind cleansed by the Holy Scriptures can resist the deluding influences of those who set up man-made social sins to control us and undermine the Word of God.   This is the work of the Seed of the Serpent.

Many ask, "how long can this go on?" The answer is, "don't worry, change is here."  You can see if you know what to look for -- it is happening in our midst.  Bad things are coming and good things.   Watch the great revival amongst the descendants of Europeans.  You want to know why the national strategy to counter "terrorism" targets Whites and Christians?  Because they know, and they are terrified!

Live Service every Sunday at 10:30 AM Mountain Time.
Luke 1:39  to Luke 2:40

Putting the pieces together -- the war has been declared (past tense) on half of America by those people who run the country (from political parties, to bureaycrats, to news outlets to the tech giants and banks).  Full scale info war on the American people.  DIME.  When a police officer puts a gun in your face, chains you and throws you in prison, that IS kinetic -- political prisoners in DC jails.

Our response? The exact opposite of what they want -- don't go kinetic -- open up your mouth and speak boldly!

Teaching Genesis, Chapter 2: Setting the Narrative.  The Narrative determines the outcome of decisions and the paths of life. Should Genesis 2 form the accepted narrative in a nation, the outcomes will be fundamentally differen than what we have in the U.S., China, or almost any other nation on the earthy.  First eleven chapters of the Bible (Genesis 1-11) are the most important.

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